The Bilingual Project

The Oxford BabyLab is running
an online study for bilingual families
with a toddler (12-36 months)
across several different languages!
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Oxford BabyLab

If you live in Oxfordshire and would be interested in taking part in more studies at the Oxford BabyLab, we would love for you to fill in our sign-up form. We will get in touch with you when we have a study suitable for your child’s age and language background.

Laboratori de Recerca en Infància

We’re looking for
English-Spanish bilingual toddlers in Oxford and Catalan-Spanish bilingual toddlers in Barcelona,
aged between 20 and 30 months to take part in fun studies!

Busquem bebès bilingües
Català-Espanyol a Barcelona i bebès bilingües Anglès-Espanyol a Oxford,
d’entre 20 i 30 mesos per participar en estudis a Oxford i Barcelona!

¡Buscamos bebés bilingües
Catalán-Español en Barcelona y bebés bilingües Inglés-Español en Oxford,
de entre 20 y 30 meses para participar en estudios en Oxford y Barcelona!

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